Thursday, November 18, 2010

Jacob on the risks of marrying Rose

"Jacob Hannah, you're a hard man."
              Cause I'm bein honest about it?  Turner, I don't ever aim to be asked to take more'n one wife and I'd be riskin a hell of a lot to take Rose, no matter how prettified she gits and how clean she repents herself to."
              "Why do you say risk? You mean you'd have a hard time trusting her?"
              "That and more. Albert says she's been a whorin for the most part a two years and not once has ever showed signs of gittin with child."
              "Albert thinks his daughter is barren?"
              "Yeah, it looks that way. If I made someone like that my woman I'd have two strikes agin me."
              "An ex-harlot you couldn't fully trust and the danger of a childless union?"
              "You got it."
              "I'd do it ..."
              "You'd what?
              You'd take a chance on her?
              Turner that's crazy! She ain't your type."
              "Why not? Besides, what makes you think we won't be commanded to marry more than one?"
              "Hah! You, maybe. I won't do it."
              "Oh yes you would. You might not feel that way now but by the end of your mission, when the labor of preaching is so full that your testimony is three times what it is now, you'll change your ideas. You'll do what the Lord asks."